Game Concept

What's so special about Pelio?

We create and develop a game concept that preserve and present the full dimension of passion in any kind of social game.

We create the game solutions with innovation and games with all the passion intact. Introducing a new ways to play and the new dimensions of game experience!

Our NEW Hybrid Game platform is integrating the boardgames and cardgames with digital content and distribution. This new innovation is made by Pelio, holding pending patents in EU and USA. Our games offer new interactive experience which changes the ways of playing legacy board games and gives totally new features that has not seen there before.

Pelio develops games based on new innovative game platform that integrates the boardgames and cardgames with digital content and distribution.

The innovation was ceated by the founder in 2006, to make a totally new type of game, with great business idea. There was many legacy dice games in the supermarket , but none of them was interesting enough for buying to his daughter as a X-mas present. Then he got this idea...


Pelio is an entertainment electronics/media company based in Finland and it was founded on November, 2008.

Pelio is established to serve players who are ready to take their game experiences to the next level with the reasonable price.

Pelio has passion and intelligence for game innovations and solutions. We are aiming to play the role of an enabler, someone who helps players to achieve better, more lasting and ultimately game experiences.

Pelio’s target is to introduce and bring it’s a new game concept with innovative and “unique” patented solutions to the game market.


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